The recent media circus surrounding the super-fast run-up and run-down in AMC, GME and a handful of other stocks has put a spotlight on the money that can be made and lost in the stock market.

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(Note: We write this with all sensitivity to those who have lost love ones this year, and with our own memories of those we have lost both from COVID and other reasons.)

I grew up in the farm country outside Wichita, Kansas. I told someone that one time, and he replied “I know the place. I spent a decade there one year.”

While I actually loved growing up where I did, and am grateful for my midwest roots, it’s a funny joke.

But that’s how I feel about 2020. We spent a decade in that year.

In a truly unbelievable…

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In the real world, the turning of the calendar can be a busy time financially with the holidays, year-end bonuses, tax deadlines, etc. so it makes for a good time to share financial lessons with our kids too.

While many New Year Resolution diets, exercise routines, and other versions of “This time it’s different” will be distant memories by Groundhog Day, here’s some things you can do with your kids to teach lessons that will last a lifetime.

Strong personal finance habits and knowledge can play a considerable role in the quality of your life, therefore, it is important to…

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season, even if some people have had their lights up since November 1st.

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The “busy-ness” of prepping for Thanksgiving can be a perfect time to sneak some lessons to your kids.

Here are some ways you can teach your kids about money and the stock market during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Put the “Give” into Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk about family values around giving.

Does your family donate money to any charities or non-profits throughout the year?

Do your kids have any charities or non-profits that might be close to their…

A good way to introduce your kids to the idea of the stock market is by talking about the businesses they see in their everyday life.

If we’re preparing our kids for the real world, we owe it to them to teach them how to handle and understand money, and also to be aware of the basics of business. If done well, you can use the conversation about money to springboard your kids towards even larger lessons about stocks.

You see, business is happening all around you, and pointing it out to your kids can pay dividends in the long…

For new investors, the different “order types” when buying or selling stocks can be confusing. This post will break some of the basics.

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Market Order

The “Market Order” is the simplest type of order. When you enter a market order, you are instructing your broker to buy or sell the stock at the next available price, from or to the next available investor.

You have given no instructions for what price you are willing to pay or take for the transaction, only that you want it done immediately to or from the next willing party.

Limit Order

A “Limit Order”…

Anyone can pick a stock. A monkey with a newspaper and a dartboard can pick a stock, or so I’ve been told. The goal is to buy stocks that will go UP in price. Easier said than done or everyone would do it.

There are a million or so reasons that influence a stock’s price over the short and long-term. On a day-to -day basis, the biggest influence on a stock’s price movement is generally the overall market of ALL stocks. In the short-term — most stocks move together.

Over days, weeks, months and years you see these returns develop…

Good investors are like farmers. They plant seeds into assets that they hope will grow and pay back more than the cost of the seed and overhead.

Good teachers are the same way. They plant seeds of knowledge in their students that when cultivated, can change the course of a person’s life.

Just like farming, both teaching and investing can be stressful endeavors. In 2008- 2009, the global stock market was suffering a historical decline due to the “Global Financial Crisis”.

In the midst of this chaos, two Chicago investment professionals, Charlie Bobrinskoy and Jim Hoeg, took it upon themselves…

I love to talk about stocks and the stock market. It’s fun to learn about new companies and new innovations. But the stock market can also be a very dangerous place for money. It’s FAR easier to lose money than make money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Even if you know what you are doing, there are things you should to do to prepare yourself before you start buying stocks or investing. First, you need to have a plan for what you are trying to accomplish, and you need to take care of some basic financial fundamentals…

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